The NIW.Startups portal applies privacy and confidentiality rules on the data you populate in your profile as follows :-

  1. Private Data
    This data includes email addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth added under individual profiles are treated. Such data is accessible to only the individual who owns the profile, portal’s administrators for purpose of the competition and managing the portal.
  2. Protected Data
    This is data found under three sections of a startup profile namely:-
    1. Idea & Product.
    2. Scalability & Impact.
    3. Traction & Next steps.
    This data is by default accessible to the startup’s designated team members, the portal administrator, designated evaluators (judges) and the challenge organizers. The startup may through the portal’s user interface grant access to protected data sections to other members of the portal. These people may be investors, mentors, advisors or other people of interest that persuade the startup to give them access.
  3. Publicly Accessible Data
    This relates to both individual and startup profiles. It is all that is not specified as private data and is not specified as protected data. This data includes individual members’ specialities, educational background and working experience. Publicly accessible data also includes also includes that data filled out in the general section of the startup profile such as tagline, description, year of founding and categories chosen.